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In Case You Missed It: RDC_ENT on WGMUradio.com! April 25, 2011

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Hey ya’ll!

I want to thank EVERYONE who tuned onto wgmuradio.com last week with Runnin Da’ City (RDC) and DJ lady Suge joined us! They are some real cool brothers from the DMV making it big, and showing love to their communities with their message and lyrics. We got some great questions and feedback from viewers about RDC, an upcoming Rap/Hip-Hip group representing the DMV area! You can find their latest mixtape, on reverbnation.com, datpiff.com, wrapcritic.com and soundclick.com!

Check out their new music video, “We Doin’ It”!

RDC ENT – \’We Doin\’ It\’

Es.Love… Loves you. February 23, 2011

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Join Es.Love Soul Jams radio show on Fridays, 8pm – 9m on the internet at WGMURADIO.COM


This week has been extremely fun in the WGMU studio. I’ve been getting better at being comfortable with my listeners, and managing the board properly. However, I need to work on NOT saying “Um,” “Okay, and now,” and “So, yea.” The range of my radio vocabulary is very slim, and I would like to broaden it so that I will able to speak to my viewers and listeners in a presentable manner. Also, I’m really picky with my playlist of songs. I play very soulful music and artists, but I have songs requested that I either may not know, or I don’t know if I should play. But I work around it, and make the best decisions I know best.

Almost every time I’m on the air, I have people calling in. It’s the most exciting part of being on the radio. I don’t have them on the air – because I don’t know what they are calling for, and I need to understand how the buttons work on just a little bit more.

Other than that, this week was waaaaay better. I invited Lady Suge – the DJ before my show – to have a little chit chat with me. Some of her folks were listening in on the radio station, too. And we had a good time, for the moment that she was there.

My DJ catchy line is: Es.Love loves you. It’s basically a way of thanking my listeners, callers and viewers. And a way for me to tie in some of the love songs that I play.

Es.Love & Lady Suge Radio Show February 16, 2011

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Listen out for Es.Love & Lady Suge on the internet at WGMURADIO.COM


I haven’t posted anything in a very good minute. But I am here to tell you that I have a new radio show on wgmuradio.com!!! It’s supposed to be in conjunction with Lady Suge, who is an awesome DJ for the radio, also known as Sha’Air Hawkins! But we’ll see how that plays out.

In addition to the radio show, I’ve had some awful difficulties in the studio. I’ve been in need of some time tightening my screws – my skills – because I see to always have some kind of problem when I’m on air. And it makes me feel unprepared and unprofessional. So, there is always room for improvement and learning some more.

With the radio show, I am also taking a class for it – which, in turn, is the reason for the rotation shows and the radio show itself. I’m so excited and glad that I’m learning more and more – AND actually attracting an audience. I got to play some of my own music for the first time, an that really helped me be more flexible and less stressed when I’m on the air.

I’m on the air on Mondays from 6p.m.-7p.m. Tuesdays 9p.m.-10p.m. and Fridays 8p.m.-9p.m. It’s a jumpy schedule, but it’s worth while!

So, check me out on the internet at WGMURADIO.COM, and we use Ustream!!! I’ll keep you updated every week from now on… of course, until graduation.

New Music: “We Got Hood Love” – Mary J. Blige May 9, 2010

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Yes, Mary J. is back, ya’ll. OMG….I need a moment………………………..Whoo!

Okay, I love Mary J. Blige. She has been my idol for so many years, and I look to her music to give me the release and words I can’t find for myself. Her first couple of singles, “I Am” and “The One” feat Drake, aren’t my true favorites right now. But this new joint, I REALLY like.

This is her third U.S. single from her album “Stronger With Each Tear.” The video is not just any ol’ video with a bunch of colors, or white and black backgrounds with her in different outfits. It was well produced, and the message is evident and effective. I love it. And I love her. She is really doing her thing.

FULL VIDEO … no teasers here. =) I love ya’ll too much to just post a teaser.

Dairies: Natural Hair & Black Beauty May 3, 2010

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Take One:

Since I have been in college, surrounded by so many women who were torn in between having natural and relaxed hair, I have develop so much respect for women who decide to go natural. It’s a true commitment, and a choice that all about the woman herself. And when I see celebrities like Solange Knowless and Jill Scott take their hair to who ‘nother level, I get this feeling about what it means to share black beauty and self-love with other women. This is not to say that I’m gonna shave my head off because every other black women is doing it, but I really love it. (more…)