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Dairies: Natural Hair & Black Beauty May 3, 2010

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Take One:

Since I have been in college, surrounded by so many women who were torn in between having natural and relaxed hair, I have develop so much respect for women who decide to go natural. It’s a true commitment, and a choice that all about the woman herself. And when I see celebrities like Solange Knowless and Jill Scott take their hair to who ‘nother level, I get this feeling about what it means to share black beauty and self-love with other women. This is not to say that I’m gonna shave my head off because every other black women is doing it, but I really love it.

It’s so much more than people may think…being “afro centric”…or getting rid of “bad hair.” It’s about loving the hair that you were born with, and appreciating those naps and thick roots for what they are – all the while, turning their negative connotative meaning into something positive. It’s a message to let woman know – black women in particular – that healthy hair is waaaaaaay better than hair that just looks good. And of course, you see the deeper meaning of all this; that…I know it’s a little worn, but…you are not your hair.

Me, to the left, and my dearest friend, Sha'Air Hawkins, on the right

Sooooo…. I AM NATURAL. And I didn’t have to cut off all my hair to become natural. For some women the transition is overwhelming and scary – nobody wants to be ugly, I suppose. But I think it’s all about what works for you – what YOU think you look good in and what YOU know you look good in. Because honestly, being beautiful has nothing to do with what’s on the outside, in my opinion anyway.

P.S. There are some things that I haven’t touched on, but I will get there in later posts. Tangents are not appealing. I mean…what do YOU think I’m missing?


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