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Es.Love… Loves you. February 23, 2011

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This week has been extremely fun in the WGMU studio. I’ve been getting better at being comfortable with my listeners, and managing the board properly. However, I need to work on NOT saying “Um,” “Okay, and now,” and “So, yea.” The range of my radio vocabulary is very slim, and I would like to broaden it so that I will able to speak to my viewers and listeners in a presentable manner. Also, I’m really picky with my playlist of songs. I play very soulful music and artists, but I have songs requested that I either may not know, or I don’t know if I should play. But I work around it, and make the best decisions I know best.

Almost every time I’m on the air, I have people calling in. It’s the most exciting part of being on the radio. I don’t have them on the air – because I don’t know what they are calling for, and I need to understand how the buttons work on just a little bit more.

Other than that, this week was waaaaay better. I invited Lady Suge – the DJ before my show – to have a little chit chat with me. Some of her folks were listening in on the radio station, too. And we had a good time, for the moment that she was there.

My DJ catchy line is: Es.Love loves you. It’s basically a way of thanking my listeners, callers and viewers. And a way for me to tie in some of the love songs that I play.


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