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Chapter 11: Building a Digital Audience for News

In this chapter, Briggs looks at the fundamentals of building an online audience. In this worlds, it is difficult to produce great news and stories of information when there are hundreds of other organizations with some of the same results.

So, how can journalism survive?

Marketing? Advertising?

In order to build you audience as journalists, you need to “analyze what you publish, what your readers like and don’t like, and then do more of what they like.” Makes sense.

The first step is to gain a habit of tracking your content. Nowadays, newsrooms are constantly tracking and measuring new forms of content.

This includes: blogs, videos, breaking news updates and even e-mail. This is essential to maintain information and content in this data-driven world. Thus, it is important to track what you publish.

What did you publish? How many video stories? How much did your online audience grow? Here is a list of what you should be tracking.

So, now you know what to track information. Now let’s talk about how to track your information. It’s simple. You can from spreadsheets and databases for all the measures of information that you need.


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