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Chapter 2: Advanced Blogging

Every reporter or college journalist should have a good blog. Well, what is a good blog? Good blogs:

  1. Have personality. Create your own voice.
  2. Set goals for your blog. Why am I writing?
  3. Publish and broadcast in a timeliest manner. Readers respond well to consistency, and often follow blog writers that are frequently updated.
  4. Develop relationships with the rea der by having a continuing conversation.
  5. Play off online information; Keep in mind that blogging is a kind of community in a sense that information is shared and passed on.  (Think about online interactivity)
  6. Keeps interesting stories blogged and open for readers to comment. Again, think about interactivity, bringing you and your readers closer together.

“It’s not magic,” I’ve heard. Writing a blog is not easy.  This is absolutelytrue. You sit there with a blank post trying to figure out what to write; trying to write a post worth reading – and even commenting on. People blog all the time, going on and on about their lives and issues of the world. But what’s worth reading? What’s worth writing? In order to be a good blog writer, you have to be a good blog reader – Scan the Top 100 Blogs.

You also would want to become familiar with blog language.

POSTS are entries on a blog. It is also used to make an entry on blog.

PERMALINK is a link available on each post that gives access to that post (comments included).

TRACKBACK enables one blogger to let another that he/she is linking their material.

BLOGROLLS are collected links found on the sidebar of a blog. It’s used to let readers know the sites the blogger visits.

VLOG is a video blog.

MOBLOG is a mobile blog.

Creating a blog, in my opinion, is the easy part. You may spend more time than you anticipate picking a theme and maybe the colors of the fonts and headlines. But MAINTAINING your blog is the advanced portion to blogging. And it’s how you will be able to build your audience.

Your readers won’t appear in few blog posts. You have to earn their interest. And their trust as professional reporters and/or journalists. Here are some leading tips that can help you get started:

Good Luck!


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