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Chapter 7: Making Audio Journalism Visible

Audio journalism is a lot different from video and photo journalism. There are several different components that audio journalism needs. Reporters and journalists use audio to bring their audience closer to them, and by doing that, they produce sound bites.

According to the book, audio clips are somewhat equivalent to painting a visual image.  Audio journalism requires:

Using these three characteristic, the audio clips and sounds possess personality traits that give audiences more than just a conversations or words, but to feel apart of those words and conversation.

However, there isn’t just one way to deliver audio journalism to your audience. In fact, there are several ways:  podcasts, reporter overviews, interviews, voice overs, audio slide shows, natural environment sounds, and breaking news. These are all extremely important to know because they are the immediate ways to reach audiences from different angles of mediums.

So, there are some things that you need to know about the recording and interviewing portion of audio journalism that some reporters make mistakes on:


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