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Video Conference 1: Bob Shrum

“I loved words and I loved arguments while in school.”

One of the greatest political consultants of our time, Bob Shrum, talks about the dynamics of both compelling and persuasive writing on a C-SPAN broadband feed.

Bob Shrum, a former democratic strategist, joined C-SPAN and students from George Mason University, University of Denver and University of District of Columbia in a what is called The Distance Learning Class,” which was aired through a broadband video.

C-SPAN, the University of Denver and The Cable Center, tied forces to make such a classroom setting possible — where the students were allowed to asked Shrum questions about his journey as a political consultant. C-SPAN partnership is dedicated to educational and informational resources given to college students who really want them.

Shrum spoke on several topics concerning leading democratic figures of the past and present day politics — specifically Senator Ted Kennedy (1932 – 2009) and President Barak Obama.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Bob Shrum, you will quickly be learned that his opinion has an extreme importance to the political media and sphere. He knows what a good democratic candidate looks like. He knows what it should sound like.

Shrum had more than enough to say about the fundamentals of good writing; honorable writing and speeches, given his huge reputation as a speechwriter and journalist. But what interested me the most about his interview was his love for writing.

“You have to hear the language as you write. You have to hear in your head,” he said.

To most, and especially to Shrum, good writing is more than just putting language together and forming sentences.  His ability to critique United States senators wasn’t the only part of his discussion that captured the college student’s attention. How do I know? I was there. And it caught mine.

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