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Video Conference 3: Dick Morris

“I’m not a pro-lifer, I’m pro-choice.”

American political bestselling author and campaign consultant, Dick Morris, joined students from George Mason University and Denver University on C-SPAN broadband distance learning Thursday.

Morris, who is currently a FOX News Contributor, discussed his experiences as an advisor to the Bill Clinton administration after Clinton was declared President of the United States in 1992. However, it was in 1994 that Morris stood side-by-side with Clinton helping him capture political gain and popularity.

Specifically, during questions asked by the students, Morris spoke heavily on President Barack Obama’s administration and the passing of the Health Care Bill, saying that is it “skewed from the reality” of what bill is intended to do for the American people.

“This president has obliterated ten years of your lives,” he passionately informs the students. Morris went on to talk about the issues with college tuition and students loans that Obama has caused, and then deliberately blaming Obama for the fall of the economy, disregarding President George W. Bush’s previous presidency.

The very first question given to Morris was, “Why did Obama win?”

“Well, mathematically, he won,” answered Morris. He said the black turnout rose from 11% to 14% of vote.

“The illusion that Obama changed the opinions of Americans is raw. What he did was energize young people and minorities to vote and seize a much larger percentage of the elector.”

Morris also  thinks that Obama’s “mechanical win” was influenced by older people who became republican while voters under 30 years of age became democratic and turnout in a larger number.

During the conference, Morris compared Obama’s and Hillary Clinton‘s campaigning strategies emphasizing how Obama used more of his technological resources, such as contacting Internet donors and using the Internet to expand his campaign. Hilary, on the other hand, used the old fashion way of campaigning of only calling up donors.

Later on, Morris discusses the Health Care Bill and whether it’s a good American decision for the bill to be passed.

“I’m not a pro-lifer, I’m pro-choice,” he says. “This is not a transfer of wealth. This is a transfer of health where it is initially taking health away from the elderly.”

He continues, “The government says, ‘No, I’m not going to give you hip surgery or a new knee…and I know that’s gonna hasten your death. But you ain’t worth it.

Click here to watch the C-SPAN video.

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