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New Music: “We Got Hood Love” – Mary J. Blige May 9, 2010

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Yes, Mary J. is back, ya’ll. OMG….I need a moment………………………..Whoo!

Okay, I love Mary J. Blige. She has been my idol for so many years, and I look to her music to give me the release and words I can’t find for myself. Her first couple of singles, “I Am” and “The One” feat Drake, aren’t my true favorites right now. But this new joint, I REALLY like.

This is her third U.S. single from her album “Stronger With Each Tear.” The video is not just any ol’ video with a bunch of colors, or white and black backgrounds with her in different outfits. It was well produced, and the message is evident and effective. I love it. And I love her. She is really doing her thing.

FULL VIDEO … no teasers here. =) I love ya’ll too much to just post a teaser.

Dairies: Natural Hair & Black Beauty May 3, 2010

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Take One:

Since I have been in college, surrounded by so many women who were torn in between having natural and relaxed hair, I have develop so much respect for women who decide to go natural. It’s a true commitment, and a choice that all about the woman herself. And when I see celebrities like Solange Knowless and Jill Scott take their hair to who ‘nother level, I get this feeling about what it means to share black beauty and self-love with other women. This is not to say that I’m gonna shave my head off because every other black women is doing it, but I really love it. (more…)

The Big Chop: Chrisette Michele May 3, 2010

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Soul singer and song-writer, Chrisette Michele, looks absolutely stunning. Her skin is so soft-looking, and clear. (Make-up or no make-up, she is one hell of a beautiful woman). And her hair speaks for itself. The way her eyes pop…I’m just speechless.

And her reason…

“I wanted to make short and nappy hair fashionable, and let the industry know that there is nothing wrong with the texture we were born with. I plan to grow it out to the big beautiful nappy hair that I have,” says Michele.

[Image from  clutchmagazine.com.]

Click here for a snippet of my take on natural hair and black beauty: