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Chapter 5: Going Moble

It’s all about going mobile, baby.

Using your mobile phone is the new way to capture breaking news and footage from a scene. It’s most popular because firsthand coverage can be reported directly from your phone.

Computer technology has already changed the way we live, and mobile technology alone has definitely changed our ways of living. Now, it gets even more evolutionary.

Mobile reporting is the new field in journalism. It’s all about what’s happening? – and – Am I there to capture it for my audience?

Trying to figure out whether going mobile on story is simple. Just take a moment and ask yourself:

With a mobile phone, you can use any medium to report your story: text, audio, video or photo. It all depends on what compliments the story’s information best. Let’s explore the kind of stories that work with the different kinds of medium.

Again, mobile reporters can report in ANY medium, from ANYWHERE, at ANYTIME.

There are two kinds of ways that reporting can be done based on your cellular phone (ie. iPhone, Blackberry or Nokia N95. Your device is either heavily equipped, or not. There are two ends of the equipment spectrum:

If you’re a GEARHEAD, you tell multimedia stories all day, every day.  They own most of the following:

Laptop computer
Internet Connection
Video Camera
Audio Recorder
Cell Phone

Or if you’re a LIGHT PACKER. A smartphone. That’s is all.

Mobile reporting is especially useful during breaking news situations, news like major incidents, first footage news. This is NOT to say that mobile reporting is taking away professional photojournalism and writing. This is just a new way to communicate and work with the rest of the world through today’s new resources in multimedia.

Whatever you do, just know that you don’t need the resources of a big news company to connect with a mobile audience.

So, get cellular devices ready!


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